Q: Will there be a prom and graduation?

A: Current health conditions do not allow for a prom at this time. If these conditions change and get to a point where larger groups can gather within the county, schools will make an effort to organize something. 

In our present state, facilities aren’t even renting, so booking a venue for a potential prom is exceedingly difficult. Because of this, there are no rentals lined up for a prom, and if a prom can happen, it would likely be an on-campus event. Regardless, there won’t be a traditional prom.

As of right now, Carlmont is planning a virtual graduation. Seniors will get caps and gowns and take a picture in them. They will then submit these pictures through a system sent out via email with the option to put a message of their choice beside it. On June 4, the school will send out photos to everybody as a slideshow, and the ceremony will be similar to last year. A car parade is also being planned with the city. 

There is also a plan for in-person graduation, which would go into effect if the health guidelines become less stringent. If held in person, it will be for seniors only without family members or guests. There will be a live stream of the ceremony that everyone can view, and schools are also looking into other possible activities for seniors before graduating.

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