Runners dash into Thanksgiving with 5K race


Sam Hansen

Karen Miao’s son rushes into his mom’s welcoming arms before the start of the race. “I hope turkey trot will be a tradition [because] this is my son’s first time,” Miao said.

A Runner’s Mind hosted a 5 kilometer race and breakfast, creating an opportunity for people to start their Thanksgiving holiday strong.

Thursday’s race, also called 2021 ARM (A Runner’s MindGobble Wobble, was hosted at the Coyote Point Recreation Area in San Mateo.

“I’ve known ARM since they first started in Burlingame. So it’s been cool to see the growth since they first started [and] it’s been nice to be able to give back because they are really good with the community,” said a second-grade teacher and volunteer at the race, Jennifer Jordan. “Being a teacher in the community is really fun because [at the race] I see a lot of kids I teach. So I get so excited to see them, and they get excited to see me too.”

The event consisted of many laughing kids chasing each other and parents pushing strollers; however, there was still room for competition with the faster runners.

“I enjoy being good. As selfish as that is, being good at stuff makes it easier to enjoy,” said the first to finish the race, Kevin Bishop. “But I also appreciate that there’s a really vibrant running community in the Bay Area.”

The race took place in the morning, leaving time for the runners to enjoy other Thanksgiving activities after sweating during the race.


Kevin Bishop strides across the finish line, achieving first place in the race. “The guy that got second is a teammate of mine, and I would never have met him if it wasn’t for running. And now he and his girlfriend are some of my best friends,” Bishop said. (Sam Hansen)

“I’m gonna go play volleyball with my family in a couple hours. So [the race] was the intense thing. Then we do the fun thing. And then we do the eating thing,” Bishop said.

Thanksgiving is a time to laugh and smile with family or friends, and the race provided a healthy way for people to start the holiday.

“[The race] is a good way to kick off Thanksgiving Day, and it’s really family-friendly. And I run on a pretty regular basis,” said a participant in the race, Karen Miao. “I hope turkey trot will be a tradition [because] this is my son’s first time. For us, it’s really about food and spending time with family. We make turkey, ham, and stuffing. And my husband is in charge of the green bean casserole.”

Although Bishop enjoys pushing himself physically, he still emphasizes the significant role that other people play in running.

“Find your people. That’s been the best part for me. I think if you ask anyone who runs at any level, whether they’re winning this or they’re showing up just to push a stroller with their kids, [they] would say that the people are the best part,” Bishop said.