Scots eBikes Ep 2: Put to the test

Hayes Gaboury, Scotcenter Editor-in-Chief

Following the first episode, an eBike demo was put in place to better understand the capabilities of eBikes, and what would work best for the Carlmont setting.  Blix Bikes, an eBike company based in Santa Cruz brought a selection of eBikes up to the Hidden Canyon park area for members of the community to try. The event had a fairly strong turn-out, showcasing the genuine interest for eBikes in the community. With more concrete experience, the project team can now look towards the future with a better understanding of what to look for in a bike, and how to bring the Scots eBikes into reality. If you want to learn more about the Scots eBikes project, you can visit the Carlmont Business website. Additionally, you can fill out this survey to help out the team and their goal.

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