The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.

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The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.

Scot Scoop News

The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.

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Grace Wu

Grace Wu, Highlander Managing Editor

Grace Wu is a senior at Carlmont High School in her third year in journalism. She is a managing editor for Highlander, Carlmont's student newsmagazine, and a staff writer for Scot Scoop. Outside school, she is also a student columnist and intern at the San Mateo Daily Journal. When she is not writing or editing, you can find her crafting a case as a trial attorney for Carlmont's Varsity Mock Trial team, volunteering at a nonprofit to raise awareness for childhood cancer, or spending time with friends and family. Visit her portfolio here!

Twitter: @_gracewuu

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New artificial intelligence (AI) programs, such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT or DALL-E, possess functions that can be used creatively or unethically.

Opinion: AI may be impressive but risky

December 21, 2022

Cars driving people. Programs generating ‘art’ and images. Computers writing your three-page English essay that is due in one hour. In the past few years, artificial intelligence (AI) has expanded...

The blindfolded Lady Justice and the judge’s gavel, two representative items of the justice system, serve as a reminder of impartiality and order.

Fighting the ‘guilty’ verdict

December 16, 2022

“Innocent until proven guilty,” we often say about defendants when we think of a fair judicial system. But is that the first thought that comes to mind when we see the struggling family of someone...

The development of the internet has also allowed for more data breaches; thinking twice while online is crucial in protecting personal information.

Opinion: Think twice on the internet

November 26, 2022

“I made this just for you; I hope you like it. Click here!” After clicking the link your friend sent you, another page pops up asking you to sign in to your Instagram account. You enter your information,...

A student’s parked car is severely damaged after a white van crashes into the vehicle.

Breaking News: Carlmont secures campus after traffic collision

October 17, 2022

After just 15 minutes of instructional time, Carlmont High School administrators announced a secure campus order on the morning of Oct. 17. At approximately 8:45 a.m., the Belmont Police Department...

A shooting at an Oakland school wounds six adults, with two hospitalized for life-threatening injuries.

Breaking News: Oakland school shooting leaves 6 injured

September 29, 2022

Minutes before students were dismissed from school, shots rang out at the King Estate campus in Oakland, resulting in six injured adults. The victims were transported to the hospital for treatment,...

Students attend a club meeting in a classroom without air conditioning and try to remain attentive in the uncomfortable heat.

[Photo] Breaking News: Heat wave disrupts normalcy at school

September 7, 2022

Students attend a club meeting in a classroom without air conditioning and try to remain attentive in the uncomfortable heat.

A photographer captures a view of Edgewood Park before the damage caused by the recent fire.

Breaking News: Six-alarm fire in San Mateo County results in evacuations and power outages

June 22, 2022

Residents experienced power outages and evacuated their homes after firefighters responded to at least two fires in San Mateo County (SMC) at 2:24 p.m. on Tuesday. Around 8:15 p.m., evacuation orders...

Following instructions from law enforcement, students head south upon leaving campus. Police and Carlmont staff were stationed at intersections to direct traffic.

Breaking News: Shooting in Belmont causes a secure campus order

April 16, 2022

A 17-year-old male was taken into custody after being identified as one of the persons responsible for the shooting on Friday afternoon, according to a Sunday press release. Around 2 p.m. on Friday,...

The historic Supreme Court nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson marks a breakthrough for more diverse representation.

Historic Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson signifies change

April 6, 2022

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Supreme Court nomination was advanced with the Senate Judiciary Committee’s 53-47 procedural vote on April 4, allowing for a final confirmation vote to come later in...

Many students wear masks between passing periods and during class to protect themselves from getting COVID-19.

Breaking News: California lifts school mask mandate

March 1, 2022

*Article updated March 2 Starting March 12, schools in California will no longer require students to wear masks, although coverings are still strongly recommended. San Mateo County (SMC) will not add...

Team USA participates in the Parade of Nations at the 2010 Winter Olympics as part of the opening ceremony, a tradition that officially starts the competition.

Winter Olympics inspires young athletes to pursue their dreams

February 8, 2022

It might be the blasts of air on your face and the feeling of freedom as you race down the snowing hills that draw you to skiing. Maybe you love gliding, jumping, and twirling across the ice to music....

Winter Formal will take place on Mar. 4 at the Fox Theater in Redwood City. As one of the more formal dances, Winter Formal is popular with students. “It’s one that a lot of students prefer in general because it’s open to the whole student population, whereas prom is only for upperclassmen,” said Katelyn Nightengale, ASB’s Dance Commission Facilitator.

Breaking News: ASB postpones Winter Formal due to surges in omicron variant

January 14, 2022

*Updated on Jan. 14, 2022 After more than one week back to school from winter break, the Associated Student Body (ASB) postponed the annual Winter Formal to Friday, March 4, from 7-11 p.m. at the Fox...

Organized retail theft has spread across the Bay Area, with robbers taking off with substantial amounts of merchandise.

String of retail robberies prompts safety concerns and law enforcement action

December 1, 2021

On Nov. 15, nine people armed with hammers smashed jewelry cases and took off in Concord. Another robbery was reported at Louis Vuitton in San Francisco’s Union Square on Nov. 19. The next day, an estimated...

Despite possible dangers, teens often drive themselves to school and back home, hoping to practice and gain more experience. “I think our inexperience overall with not knowing stuff and not being super comfortable with the car coupled with ‘I want to be with my friend 24/7’ makes [driving] hard and a little bit dangerous,” said junior Amelia Clevenger.

Teen drivers bump through challenges from inexperience

November 11, 2021

As the winter season approaches, morning fog and rain take over the sunny, clear skies of the summer, subjecting student drivers to risky conditions. Since most teens practice driving in better weather,...

Governor Gavin Newsom signs Assembly Bill (AB) 101, making California the first state to require the completion of an ethnic studies course for high school graduation.

California requires ethnic studies course for high school graduation

October 20, 2021

Amidst the widespread protests last year, one request came out loud and strong: schools should implement an ethnic studies course into the curriculum. California became the first state to respond. On...

Oak Rocket celebrates its recent rebranding that reflects the female minority-owned company’s rapid growth in recent years.

Building from the ground up: Entrepreneurial obstacles for minorities

October 15, 2021

“Well, what do you know about doing business?” was the response she received when she first became an entrepreneur. Three years later, after establishing a successful company and beginning...

Students flood the Quad during lunchtime, seeking the perfect club that interests them. “I think people like interacting with clubs more in person, and it’s a better way to get whatever your club’s purpose is out there and do real activities,” senior Keya Arora said.

Clubs Fair sparks passion and engagement after year of virtual events

September 28, 2021

Crowds of students gathered in the center of Carlmont, kindling old and new interests through exploring various club booths. This year, the annual Clubs Fair returned to its original in-person format in...

Breaking News: Carlmont senior passes away after accidental overdose

Breaking News: Carlmont senior passes away after accidental overdose

August 30, 2021

Carlmont senior Colin Walker passed away from an accidental drug overdose on Aug. 29.  It is believed that he took a drug laced with fentanyl, a synthetic opioid used to treat severe pain, which caused...

San Francisco kicks off Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month celebrations in Japantown with a series of performances and speeches.

National heritage months celebrate cultures amidst increasing hate

May 4, 2021

Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month has occurred in May since 1992. In 2006, the same month also became Jewish American Heritage Month. In addition to other commemorative heritage...

Governments are distributing COVID-19 vaccines worldwide, helping more people build immunity to the virus.

Three COVID-19 vaccines build immunity

April 6, 2021

A year into the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for COVID-19 vaccines from three companies: Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna,...

Public Wi-Fi is available at the Belmont Library, one of San Mateo Countys libraries. With its proximity to schools in the area, the Belmont Library serves as a convenient location for students to access the internet.

Public Wi-Fi bridges the digital divide

March 9, 2021

The modern world revolves around technology, but not everyone has the same access to it.  This digital divide grew more apparent during the COVID-19 pandemic, as students require direct access to Wi-Fi...

Although social media platforms might distract and overwhelm teens, they can also offer ways to share personal hobbies and connect with others with similar interests. It allows me to not only gain inspiration and learn and navigate my way through my art journey, but it also lets me interact with other people who I find to have the same interests as me, Jasmine Yu said.

A social phenomenon: how social media affects teens

February 15, 2021

Click. Swipe. Double-tap. Comment. Swipe.  Change app. Repeat.  A process so familiar to teens worldwide may influence how people develop during the critical point of life.  Times are changing...

The OneWorld Club is donating contributions from their breakfast food drive to the Samaritan House.

Breakfast needs remain a priority at Samaritan House

February 9, 2021

Often considered the most important meal of the day, breakfast foods are in high demand at the Samaritan House of San Mateo County.  "They're very popular in terms of the items that families really...

Located in downtown Redwood City, these new Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco (Habitat GSF) homes will soon be open to homeowners with a lower income. Its right in downtown Redwood City, so its walking distance to the library, the town square, movie theaters, and restaurants, said Maureen Sedonaen, the CEO of Habitat GSF. They can pretty much walk or ride their bicycle everywhere. Its a perfect location.

Habitat for Humanity expands affordable housing in Redwood City

January 19, 2021

Finding the perfect home is challenging; finding one that fits a budget limit is even more difficult.  Average house prices are on the rise in the Bay Area, adding to the struggles of those who have...

Students join hands to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. All the donations will go towards research and help the people who are subjected to blood cancer, Kate Carlos said. It builds this whole community of people who are striving to push towards a common goal of fighting cancer.

Students rise up in the fight against blood cancer

November 25, 2020

Battling diseases, especially ones without known cures, is one of the greatest hardships people can face. But those who must do not fight alone.  Carlmont students support those going through blood...

Green Team hopes to raise awareness of the severity of climate change and to encourage action from students.

Green Team urges the school district to recognize the importance of climate change

November 3, 2020

Climate change is a critical problem weighing on society today, and Carlmont's Green Team knows it.  In an effort to encourage recognition of climate change, Green Team issued a Climate Emergency Petition...

Students look through Carlmonts Instagram page and club website to look for clubs to join during their free time. With everything online, they can access the information any time they want.

Carlmont holds a virtual Clubs Fair to adhere to social distancing protocols

October 13, 2020

Holding a virtual event is no easy task, especially if that event is one of Carlmont's most popular activities. The annual Clubs Fair was held virtually over social media this year due to distance learning...

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The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.
Grace Wu