‘Star Wars Rebels’ cannot live up to its legacy



Though the previews had potential, this side series for Star Wars was not good enough for the standards of many fans.

Karen Gao, Staff Writer

“Star Wars Rebels” has proven to be an unworthy successor to the preceding animated series and movie trilogies, in regard to the way it is planned, written, and produced.

The story revolves around young orphan Ezra, who is recruited by a group of rebels after he discovers that he is able to use the Force, the power of the Sith and Jedi.

This series’ purpose is to fill the gap between the two trilogies of the Star Wars movies, and to include events leading up to the fourth movie.

Despite the interesting concept of the growing rebellion having Force-users in its ranks, the series is already disappointing. The action scenes seem redundant and repetitive, while the plot and characters are very bland and dull.

Every episode follows a structure in which the main characters are assigned a mission, things go wrong, and Ezra acts like a pestering teenager.

The main character, Ezra, is selfish and arrogant with nothing unique or interesting about his personality and traits. Ironically, his cockiness is what causes the main conflict in each episode, and he does not seem to learn his lesson.

In the previous animated series, a lot of thought was put into the story, characters, and overall production, but there was less effort put into this one.

It is a huge disappointment, because after the end of the previous series, there was hope that they would continue the expansion of the Star Wars world with an even greater cast and story. However, this hope was diminished after the first episode of “Star Wars Rebels” aired, showing a glimpse of the dull series.

There is a lack of plot and character development, and even the fighting scenes have become filler used to extend the length of each episode.

The many flaws present in this series are influenced by the fact that its target audience is young children. The biggest mistake was failing to make the series enjoyable for people of all ages.

2 / 5 stars