Students express themselves through fashion creativity


Senior, Maylon Robinson expressing her style

Alyssa Espiritu , Staff Writer

Unique and individual styles are seen around campus everyday.

Carlmont has a diverse student population, mixed with different personalities, and characteristics. There are a variety of students with different styles wearing colored leggings, printed pants, oversized sweaters, Brandy Melville, Nike, Vanz, TopShop, PacSun, and much more.

“I think everyone’s style is unique and they find certain ways to express themselves differently and I just think fashion has been that thing for me,” said senior Maylon Robinson.

Along with students expressing themselves, fashion and unique style also reflects students’ personalities.

Robinson said, “My style definitely represents my confidence and artistry.”

Along with creative style, students have their own favorite article of clothing that best represents them.

“I have this awesome setter jacket from NastyGal and everyone touches it because it has spikes and it’s like my staple piece,” said Robinson

In comparison, what made senior Ethan Wallace’s style unique are his jeans.

Wallace said, “I don’t see a lot of guys walking around wearing the kind of jeans that I wear because it takes a lot of guts to wear really tight jeans. It’s different from wearing those basketball shorts and Nike socks.”

Like how Robinson’s unique style reflects her confidence and artistry, Wallace’s style represents the way he likes to try new things.

Wallace said, “I also like to be presentable and be a well put together guy where when people see me they like my style.”

Most students have their favorite item of clothing that they like to wear. Wallace’s, however, are his  “hand made in Italy with a nice belt loop and pure silver” Versace slippers.

From modern and urban chic clothing, to sophisticated and bold style, Carlmont students like to express their creativity through fashion. Along with what makes each student unique, their different personalities that make up their style contribute to the diverse characters at Carlmont.