Students join in on Black Friday’s madness


Alyssa Espiritu , Staff Writer

Black Friday sales attract students on outrageous shopping sprees to buy as many items as possible while the deals last.

 Students spend hundreds of dollars on clothing, accessories, electronics, and gifts for the holidays.

“This year, I went to Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters. I spent $150 on sweaters, boots, and gifts for my family,” said junior Frieda Freeman.

Urban Outfitters, one of the most popular stores among students, had a sale for Black Friday where everything in the store was up to 50 percent off. For popular stores like this, students lined up before midnight to be one of the first to get the best deals available.

Sophomore Veronica Eghdami said, “Overall, I spent $300 and I went to Urban Outfitters at midnight to get the best deals before they ran out. I ended up buying nine sweaters from Urban Outfitters for $180.”

During Black Friday, there were swarms of people crowding malls to get to the best prices at their favorite stores, however, it did not stop students from joining in on the chaos.

“I go Black Friday shopping every year, and even though I don’t like it when it is ridiculously crowded, I still think that it is worth it,” said junior Frieda Freeman.

In addition to the downside of the crowdedness during Black Friday shopping, the lines were so long that it took hours for students to shop.

“I went shopping at Westfield Mall in San Francisco and shopped at Cotton On and waited in line for an hour at the Disney Store, “said junior Djuna Luong.

Students also go to the extreme when it comes to finding the best deals and items from sundown to sunrise. Luong added, “At midnight, I then shopped at Serramonte Mall and stayed there until five in the morning.”

Even though Black Friday shopping tends to be stressful because of the commotion in the malls, students enjoy the rush to get the best deals before it runs out.

“I really enjoy shopping especially on Black Friday because stores usually have their best sales of the year,” said Eghdami.

Whether students are big shoppers or not, they tend to go shopping during Black Friday to save of money and are excited to buy a lot of items for the cheapest price of the year.