Students prepare for the next round of fall sports


Natalie Doud

Some students play other sports in the summer in order to stay in shape in a fun way.

Natalie Doud , Editor-in-Chief

As the school year nears its end and all school sports are over, student-athletes get ready for next year’s season of fall sports.

Athletes at Carlmont have chosen to prepare themselves in many ways, including going to Carlmont’s weight room, running the track at Carlmont, and exercising outside of school.

Some students have found that indulging in other sports can prove to be beneficial.

“Surfing helps my shoulders for throwing and for my upper body half, which benefits me in swimming and water polo,” said Christian Buck, a junior.

Preparing mentally is just as important as preparing physically, as athletes need to be in shape both mentally and physically in order to be fully focused and able to play at their best.

According to Team USA Sports, for athletes to be fully ready mentally, they must set goals, stay focused, strengthen self-belief, and show work ethic.

Students also may find it helpful to set goals for themselves over the summer and to create workout and meal plans in order to hold themselves accountable of staying fit.

“Mentally, you have to be ready to concentrate on the game and be calm so you don’t slip up. So being able to put yourself in that state of mind can help,” Buck said.

Other students find it helps to watch professional athletes to see their routines and how they can improve themselves as young players.

Seeing such advanced skill-sets of professional players can help student-athletes visualize their goals and see how they can play at a higher level.

“I started watching professional volleyball players to see what new skills I can bring into my game and how I can develop my skill-set throughout the season,” said Nicole Olazar, a sophomore.

Students not only feel the pressure of school, but the pressure to stay in shape for the upcoming fall season of school sports. The time of tryouts is stressful and athletes feel pressure to play at a high level, so students must come into tryouts ready to play.

“I feel a lot of pressure to stay in shape because I want to be fast and strong so I can fight for my position on the roster,” said Brandon Greco, a sophomore.

Despite the stress, pressure, and expectations that student-athletes may experience, playing a school sport can prove to be enjoyable and an unforgettable part of school. School sports provide motivation for students to stay healthy and physically fit throughout the summer and school year. School sports are also something almost all student-athletes look forward to as summer begins.

“I love playing sports at Carlmont because it allows me to create friendships other than those I made in class and keeps me motivated each day to get better at the sport due to the great coaches and teammates,” said Sofia Sharron, a sophomore.