SusieCakes is the place to go


Kevin Cortopassi

The SusieCakes store is clean and polished before customers flood in to taste the cakes.

Josef Gonzalez, Staff Writer

A piece of cake from the bakery SusieCakes is worth paying for. Although the prices are expensive, once you’ve tried a piece of SusieCake, you’ll be craving more.

With a wide selection of flavors like red velvet, chocolate, lemon, mocha, mint, coconut, peanut butter, and strawberry plus several multi-flavor cakes, you can probably find something suiting to your taste buds.

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, there are stores close to you in San Francisco, San Carlos, Marin, Menlo Park, and Lafayette. SusieCakes also has multiple stores in southern California in the Los Angeles area. The stores are bright and colored white and turquoise, so you can’t miss them.

All of the cakes are delicious and have an exquisite taste to them. The cakes are like no other, with a rich flavor based on the cake you choose. All of the cakes contain a vanilla or chocolate frosting on them, which enhances the flavor.

SusieCakes has a wide selection of cakes, including specialty layer cakes, cupcakes, miniature cupcakes, and cheese cakes. On their menu, they also have banana and vanilla pudding, a wide variety of cookies, fruit pies, and several options of bars. So SusieCakes has a wide selection of deserts you can choose from, even if you are not hungry for cake.

SusieCakes is one of the best bakeries in California, and I recommend trying some of their delicious cake.

SusieCakes is open Monday through Saturday from 10:0o am to 7:00 pm.