Sweater weather is here


Junior Vinka Radich in her comfy, grey open-knit sweater, paired with boots and jeans

Alyssa Espiritu , Staff Writer

Sweaters are becoming popular as students prepare for the fall season and cold weather.

These are not just the typical, tacky Christmas sweaters or turtlenecks, but rather, stylish and oversized knit sweaters in basic colors.

As the weather starts cooling down, students go from wearing shorts and flip flops to sweaters, boots, and leggings.

“I am excited for the fall season because I’m tired of the hot weather, and there are more options for me to wear,” said senior Shaina Gulati.

Oversized and comfy sweaters are trending among teenage girls. Sweaters are being worn off the shoulder, as a pullover, or as an open-knit sweater.

The style of oversized and knit sweaters are popular among girls because of its versatility and basic look.

“I think knit sweaters are common because they are easy to just throw on before school and still look cute,” said Gulati.

Junior Vinka Radich added, “I think they are popular because it looks good on everyone, and they are comfortable.”

Some of these trending oversized sweaters come from thrift stores, H&M, Brandy Melville, Nordstrom, and Free People.

“My favorite sweater is my striped grey and white long sleeved sweater that drapes a little. I like to wear it with skinny jeans or boots,” said Radich.

Even though oversized sweaters are common, they are worn differently among other people, and come in different styles.

In contrast to Radich’s favorite drapey sweater paired with boots, Gulati said, “I really like my brown open-knit sweater from Free People. I usually wear it with leggings or a scarf.”

These oversized and knit sweaters are becoming more popular, and are commonly seen among many girls as they prepare for the fall season.