How to Survive High School Day Three: Talk to teachers


Michael Bastaki, Highlander Editor

No, your teachers don’t bite.

And no, those questions won’t answer themselves.

In fact, if you want to succeed at high school, it’s crucial that you are able to communicate and interact with your teachers.

I can remember staring at a test review for hours, knowing I’m close to the answers but not quite there yet, but I continued my useless analysis of the questions out of fear of having to talk to my teacher.

This fear was caused by that elementary and middle school fear of talking to the teacher; the fear of being made fun of by my teachers, friends, or parents.

Well, that fear got me a D on that test.

In high school you’re in control of your future, and utilizing the tools at your disposal, such as teachers, is a requirement in achieving your goals.

So if you have a question, ask it.