‘The Flash’ strikes back with season 2

The CW

"The Flash" strikes television for season two's premiere.

Chesirae Barbano, Staff Writer


The wind zipped past with a life of its own as CW’s “The Flash” dashed on screen with season two.

Fans huddled around their screens on Oct. 6 for the premiere of “The Flash.”

This new season promised a darker Flash, as the characters were forced to grow up from their naivete in season one. However that didn’t mean “The Flash” lost it charming humor.

Season two was set six months after season one’s finale. The first episode filled the audience in on the drama that happened during the time-skip and hinted at what was in store for the rest of the season.

Impacted by the deep betrayal from his mentor Harrison Wells (played by Tom Cavanagh), Barry Allen (played by Grant Gustin) closed himself off from his friends. It wasn’t until his childhood friend, Iris West (played by Candice Patton), reminded Barry of the importance of relying on those around him that he began to reconnect.

This theme of family and friendship separated “The Flash” from the CW’s other DC adaptions. The writers prioritized the theme of bonds over the characters’ demons, allowing for more character development.

While the first season focused on the future and the making of the superhero Flash, season two incorporated the parallel world of Earth Two.

Despite the out-of-this-world plot, the writers stayed consistent with the show’s antics and kept the atmosphere light.

The mechanical engineer of Flash’s team, Cisco Ramon (played by Carlos Valdez), said during the premiere, “We shouldn’t fear the future anymore, right?”

This was said before Jay Garrick (played by Teddy Sears), the Flash from Earth Two, arrived. Cisco’s sly question was the writers’ verbal transition to the new season’s plot.

Viewers who read “The Flash” comics were ecstatic to see Jay Garrick appear at the end of the premiere. Although in CW’s rendition he was Earth Two’s Flash, he originally was the first Flash. The writers tended to reuse names from “The Flash” comics, and other characters from the comics are scheduled to appear.

For the viewers who enjoy Harrison Wells, he will return on season two’s episode four.

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