Unexpected event plagues Carlmont softball field


Heidi Meints

The Colts prepare to exit as the Scots continue to practice for the remainder of the game.

After 0nly half an inning, Carlmont’s JV girls softball game against the El Camino Colts came to an abrupt halt.

So far this season, the Scots have built up a considerable eight-game winning streak, only losing to the St. Francis Lancers 5-3 on March 15.

On the other side, the Colts have no wins this season, most recently losing 17-8 against the Terra Nova Tigers on April 15. However, no one expected them to forfeit this game.

Each team practiced pitching and catching before the game, and soon stood in unison as “The Star-Spangled Banner” blasted throughout the field. After only a few minutes of play and no points scored, Vanessa Morales, an El Camino freshman, came up to bat. As the only pitcher available for the Colts, she served as a very essential player.

As the ball approached, Morales accidentally jammed her finger on the bat in a jolt of pain.

I know it wouldn’t have counted, but everyone shows up in uniform ready to go, and a half-inning later, it’s over”

— Michael Armanini

“We knew this was a possibility coming in because we only had one pitcher, and she was hit on her pitching hand, so I’m not going to put her out there and risk her getting hurt,” said John Siri, head coach of the Colts.

Michael Armanini, the head coach of the Scots, offered for Scots junior Phoebe Dowling to pitch in Morales’s place for a practice game. However, Siri declined, and the Colts left Carlmont soon thereafter. The Scots used the remaining time to play as a team.

“I would’ve liked to at least have a practice game,” Armanini said. “I know it wouldn’t have counted, but everyone shows up in uniform ready to go, and a half-inning later, it’s over. It’s pretty sad.”

Regarding the game cancellation on April 15 due to a Belmont shooting, Armanini confirmed that there would be a rescheduled game.

“I was a little concerned for the students out here because I didn’t know what was going on,” Aramanini said. “We didn’t know where gunfire was located, and they had to go into a lockdown.”

Despite the situation, the Scots remain positive while expanding their skills as a team.

“I think we improved on talking in the field and communication because the only errors are when people aren’t communicating,” said Nikki Pandita, a Carlmont junior. “Also, overall we worked on our hitting and everything else.”

As for the Colts, their next game against the Half Moon Bay Cougars is uncertain due to their pitcher’s injury.

“We have a game tomorrow, so we’ll see what happens,” Siri said. “[Morales] is tough, but I just don’t want her to go out there on her pitching hand.”

Their next game will proceed unless further notice, while the Scots will have a home game against the Hillsdale Knights on April 22.