Varsity girls tennis steamrolls Aragon


Isa Khalak

Carlmont girls varsity tennis huddles before the start of the game.

Carlmont girls varsity tennis beat Aragon 5-2, continuing their dominant win streak into the second half of the season. The win against the Dons elevated them to a 6-1 league record and a 9-1 overall record.

The game marked the halfway point of the tennis season and proved the Scots are not slowing down as they go into the second half. Their victory over Aragon will help Carlmont carry their momentum through the season and demonstrated that the Scots are a force to be reckoned with.

A significant factor in the win was the Scots strength in doubles, as they won every match with pairs. The singles games were evenly matched, and both Aragon and Carlmont had dominant players. However, every Carlmont player left their heart out on the court.

“They’ve been practicing five days a week since the beginning of school,” said Margaret Goldsmith, the Carlmont varsity girls tennis coach. “Every day they come in, and they work really hard.”

Tennis is a sport that requires a lot of stamina. Each player must score numerous points to win a match. Games are won when a player scores the fourth point. If the score is tied 40-40, it’s called deuce, and one player must win two in a row.

To win a set, a contestant must win at least six games by a margin of two. Tennis players must win two out of three sets. This requires concentration, poise, and consistency. Another added layer is the importance of keeping spirits high throughout a match.

Victoria Gittoes, a senior, hits a ball across the net. “She played extremely well considering she’s coming back from an injury,” said Margaret Goldsmith, girls varsity tennis coach.

“It’s a team sport, but you’re kind of all alone out there,” said Saya Deshpande, a senior tennis player. “It’s important to have good team spirit and morale so you can feel that when you’re playing [by yourself].”

Although Aragon held their own, Carlmont’s team spirit overwhelmed the Dons. Many times games were extremely close and ended after deuce. Aragon was a powerful opponent, but the Scots would ultimately pull ahead.

“[The Scots] are just very solid from top to bottom,” said Dave Owdom, the girls varsity tennis coach at Aragon. “They’re really strong in doubles, and they play very consistently. They’re putting balls away at the net.”

Going into their next game, Carlmont will continue to build on their strengths. During the second half of the season, the Scots will play all of their league opponents for the second time. Becoming stronger will be a necessity for playing in a rematch.

The Scots are cemented in second place, making them a target. Every team will be gunning to knock Carlmont off the throne.

“We are squarely in second place, and when you’re in the top three, teams will come, and they will want to beat you,” Goldsmith said.

One crucial rematch will be against Menlo-Atherton on Oct. 7. They are responsible for the one loss in Carlmont’s almost perfect record. The Bears are also the only team in their league with a better record than the Scots.

Carlmont will have many tough matchups to look forward to. However, maintaining a strong team bond and retaining their work ethic should prepare them for the second half of their season.

“We do a good job practicing with good intensity,” said senior Keya Arora. “We are also really close in terms of skill level, so I think that helps when we practice and play against each other, so we’re ready for tough matches.”