Carlmont Art Show showcases student accomplishment


Kylie Lin

Oil paintings from the Studio Art class are displayed on tables along the front of F22 during Open House.

Kylie Lin, Scotlight Editor-in-Chief

Tucked away in the corner of the Carlmont campus lies the Visual Arts Program’s largest annual event — the Art Show.

From March 15-16, the Visual Arts department hosted this show in F22. Held during Open House, the Art Show showcased students’ various artistic creations.

Art teacher Cynthia Hodges said, “All of the art classes — Art 1, Illustration and Design, Studio Art, AP Art, Ceramics 1 and 2, Photography 1 and 2, Digital Art 1 and 2 — all of the student work that they’ve produced throughout the year, we hang in F22 for students and parents to see.”

At the entrance, guests were greeted with an array of 2-D and 3-D art pieces.

Work from Illustration and Design 1 and 2 adorned the right wall by the entrance while clay sculptures from Ceramics 1 and 2 took residence atop tables in the center of the room.

Along the back wall, vibrant photographs from Photography 1 and 2 hung next to digitally-created work from students in Digital Art 1 and 2.

Finally, the work created in Studio and AP Art was spread out across the left wall of F22, ranging from colored pencil drawings to oil paintings to digitalized posters.

Art Students were excited to display their work for many to see; each and every piece present in the show had some personal connection to the artist who made it.

“My favorite piece I have in the show is my perspective piece,” Tayler Wise, a sophomore in Studio Art, said. “I don’t do as much abstract work, and it was neat to try something that I haven’t really worked much on.”

Kayleigh Bhatt, a junior, visited the Art Show during Open House with her family.

Bhatt said, “It was cool to see your peers’ artwork because you see the piece and the artist’s name. Most of the people you know through classes or extracurriculars, so it’s cool to have that kind of ‘personal’ connection with them where if you want, you can go and talk to them about their pieces.”

Furthermore, the Art Show serves as a platform for incoming Art students to learn about their classes for next year.

“Sometimes students show up at night too, and they come with their siblings in junior high school. They can see what’s coming up for them in Art,” Hodges said.

Ultimately, the Art Show provides an opportunity for students to show off their hard work over the course of the school year. All of the students’ work had the chance to shine during Open House.

“I would like to tell everyone whose work was displayed that it all looked wonderful. You can really tell that you put time and effort into your pieces, and it paid off. They all looked great,” Bhatt said.