Cartoon: Anna May Wong to be the first Asian American on a U.S. coin

Anna May Wong, Hollywood’s first Asian American movie star, will be featured on the U.S. quarter starting October 24, 2022. This coin is part of the U.S. Mint’s American Women Quarters Program, celebrating five women trailblazers, including Maya Angelou, Sally Ride, Nina Otero-Warren, and Wilma Mankiller; Wong’s coin is the last one in this program. Wong championed for representation and non-stereotypical roles of Asian Americans during a time of yellowface in Hollywood. Wong was underpaid and later moved to Europe to star in European films. “I was so tired of the parts I had to play. Why is it that the screen Chinese is nearly always the villain of the piece… We are not like that. How should we be, with a civilization that’s so many times older than that of the West…We have our rigid code of behavior, of honor. Why do they never show these on the screen?” Wong said, according to a Los Angeles Times article. (Emma Yin)