Eucalyptus Avenue lights up the winter season

Various families engage in friendly conversation while enjoying the beautiful street.

Leela Stuepfert

Various families engage in friendly conversation while enjoying the beautiful street.

Leela Stuepfert, Staff Writer

As the countdown to Christmas continues, holiday spirit can be discovered on Eucalyptus Avenue, where families gather to appreciate the extravagant lights set up for the holiday season.

Eucalyptus Avenue, located in San Carlos, is incomparable to any other neighborhood in December, when it transforms into a vibrant parade of lights, hosting massive crowds with holiday spirit.

Year by year, this street continues to impress visitors from all over the Bay Area with its remarkable displays.

“My kids and I take the 45-minute drive every year to visit this street since we don’t get lights this good in our hometown neighborhood,” said Emma Yang, a visitor from San Francisco.

Eucalyptus adopted the nickname “Christmas Tree Lane” to match its excessive decor.

Along the road, houses are buried in thousands of dazzling lights which continue to impress visitors. Towards the middle of the street stands a two-story-tall Christmas tree decorated with abnormally large ornaments.

“Ever since we moved onto this street, we joined in with the tradition of decorating our house every year along with the other families in the community,” said Andy Walker, a resident in San Carlos.

These over-the-top lights are put up by local residents who spend tremendous amounts of time, money, and energy to lift people’s spirits during the holidays.

“Our goal is to contribute to the holiday season by brightening people’s days,” Walker said. “Seeing all these smiling, beautiful families come together makes it worthwhile.”

Families come together annually, to gaze upon the millions of twinkling lights.

“Even though I don’t celebrate Christmas, I still visit Eucalyptus Avenue every year,” said Simone Beilin, a sophomore at Carlmont. “The lights are so beautiful; it feels like you’re in Disneyland.”

Throughout the night, upbeat holiday music is played, which contributes to the joyful vibe of this street.

“Everyone is so cheerful on this road. It puts me in a good mood to be surrounded by families full of holiday spirit,” Beilin said.

This street continues to light up the cold winter nights along with bringing pure bliss to numerous families.

“Visiting this street has become a tradition for me, my husband, and my kids,” said Jessica Frankos, a long time visitor. “It’s something we all look forward to doing as a family.”