How to Survive High School Day Four: Check out the student store

I would not consider myself to be a cafeteria food person.

I am not trying to say cafeteria food is bad, or even that it is not good. But I bring my own lunch to school each day, and the only things I want to buy at school are more supplemental, rather than a full meal. That is where the student store comes in.

As a freshman, it barely registered to me that the student store existed. I had heard about it, and it was definitely mentioned by the Associated Student Body tour guide during orientation. In fact, I walked past the student store every day to leave campus after finishing school. But it was not until sophomore year that I realized what exactly I had been missing out on.

The student store has an expansive and reasonably priced selection of snacks and beverages, from the quintessential Corn Nuts to bottles of fruit juice. In addition to being open during lunch, it is also open after school, which is highly convenient.

The student store is wonderful for cheap eats, and definitely should not be overlooked.