Scotsland festivities continue as the rain pours on


Sam Dalhberg

Soren Hawkins, a senior, jams out with his band, Full Send, at Scotsland.

Students fill the football field bleachers–each ready for the thrill of performances.

Activities are being held all around the field.

Everyone is smiling because they are out of class.

The festival begins and the crowd goes silent.

On Friday, May 25, Calmont High School hosted its first ever celebration assembly, known as Scotsland, outside of the stuffy Stogner Gym.

In the beginning of the event, the weather was perfect and everything was moving along efficiently.

“It started to rain, but we can’t control the weather. Anyways, I think it helped set the mood,” said ASB assemblies commissioner, sophomore Edrina Hamzah.

Many activities were scattered across the field and each table provided fun for everyone.

“My friends and I did yoga the whole time and it was pretty relaxing. It was super fun because everyone was getting into the groove and having a blast,” said attendee Harry DeVoy, a junior.

There were many performances that provided a bunch of joy.

“The first performance was drumline and they were cool, like always. Then, the second performance was dance and their performance was superb. Next, the third performance was the hip-hop club and they performed with chairs which I thought was a nice touch. The fourth performance was Amruta and she had won Carlmont’s Got Talent and she sang very well. Then, the fifth performance was cheer and they killed it. After that, the sixth performance was the senior rap which hit everyone in the feels. Then for the remainder of the time, Full Send performed and they were really good,” Hamzah said.

The band, Full Send, consists of only seniors, and this was their last performance at Carlmont.

They made sure to unite Carlmont by performing songs that most people know as the rain poured on them.

“My band Full Send was my favorite performance because there was such a great energy in the crowd and everyone seemed to love having a live band perform,” said singer in Full Send Sedona Regan, a senior.

At the end of it all, Carlmont was able to host a successful outside celebration assembly despite the rainy weather conditions.