Street of lights

Alyssa Fagel, Highlander Editor

Eucalyptus Ave. in San Carlos, Calif. is more than just a street.

To some, it’s a symbol for the holidays. Citizens of San Carlos and other local towns visit the street annually to check out the exotic lights set up by residents of the neighborhood.

Carlmont sophomore Lauren McDonnell said, “It is so much fun seeing everyone enjoying the holidays with their family and friends. It’s tradition for me to visit the street at least once every year. “

People who live on the street also enjoy their decorative twist to the holidays.

Justin Grodem, a Eucalyptus Ave. resident and a student at Junipero Serra High School, said, “It’s an opportunity to meet new people; it’s like having all the people in San Carlos in my front yard.”

Carlmont student and Eucalyptus Ave. resident Cailin Cumming said, “It’s so pretty and a really great experience. My street gets me in the Christmas spirit and I’m glad to live in a place that brings people together.”

Unfortunately, even this spirited street has its downsides.

Grodem said, “Some people don’t see our street as a residential area; it’s often treated more as a Disneyland than a place where people live.”

Cumming added, “Traffic and cars parked in front of your house is definitely a negative. There can also be a lot of ruckus.”

Both Cumming and Grodem, however, said that the positives greatly outweigh the negatives, and that overall the are happy to live in such an enthusiastic place.

According to many Bay Area residents, Eucalyptus Ave. is not only a fun place to hang out, but also a great way to get excited for the holidays.