Students pass time with Netflix’s Top 10 list


Mari Ramirez

One way to pass time during the shelter in place is watching TV. “Netflix’s Top 10 list gives me an activity to do,” said Camran Hitchcock, a junior.

While the shelter in place is still in effect, it’s easy to become bored and feel restless during this time.

Many students may find themselves spending their days on social media or watching TV because there isn’t anything else to do besides school work. This repeated routine can become agonizing for students and their families. However, Netflix’s Top 10 list provides an opportunity for everyone to watch something new during the shelter in place.

“I had already finished everything that I wanted to watch, so I randomly picked a new TV show off of the list,” said Katie Blondino, a junior. “I ended up choosing to watch ‘Outer Banks’ because it was high on the list, and I’m really glad I did because it’s such a good show.” 

Netflix’s Top #10 by Mariela Ramirez

Even though Netflix’s Top 10 list isn’t a new feature, more and more users have been paying attention to it lately because they want to watch something new while at home

“I had never really looked at the list before quarantine happened because I have my own list of movies I want to watch. But, I finished my list fast since I’m bored, so watching something on the Top 10 gives me a chance to binge something I normally wouldn’t watch,” said Maya Lip, a junior. 

Not only does the Top 10 list give students a way to pass the time, but it can also make them feel accomplished. 

“I know that I’m only finishing a silly TV show, but it does feel good to complete something because there’s not that much to do right now,” Blondino said.

The list rankings change every day, so it gives viewers even more options on what to watch. For example, over the past week, “Outer Banks,” “Too Hot to Handle,” “All American,” and “Waco” were all high on the list. But now, “All American” isn’t on the list at all, and the other shows’ rankings have changed. By checking the list often, viewers are able to change what they watch even more frequently. 

In addition to feeling accomplished, the list can also give students a sense of control over their lives.

“We don’t have any control over what’s happening in the world right now, but being able to finish the shows on the list is something we can do. It’s weird to say because it’s just sitting on the couch and watching TV, but at least we have a say about it,” said Camran Hitchcock, a junior.

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