The Scots take a victory against the Mustangs


Mackenzie O'Connell

Adam Chin, a senior, hits the ball, earning a point for the Scots.

Mackenzie O'Connell, Staff Writer

The Scots swept Capuchino High School with a solid wipe out on Carlmont’s court.

On March 15, the boys volleyball team beat the Mustangs in all three sets of the game. The Scots played hard, passing the ball and utilizing new players on the team. During the game, new players on the team were able to play and help beat the Mustangs.

Jonah Przybyszewski, a junior, said, “I thought we could have done better, honestly, even though we won. We at points played at their level, and we could have played at a higher level.”

Though the Scots won, many of the players still feel they have room for improvement to strengthen their team throughout the season.

The Scots won the first set 25-10 with the help of senior Chris Dig’s hits, and multiple saves from senior Peyton Young. The team played together and never gave up throughout the set.


Head coach Michael Lapuz said, “I think we did well. Capuchino isn’t the strongest team and because of that, we got to utilize bench players and let them gain some experience on the court. But we still can improve on talking on the court not holding black and strengthening our defense.

Anton Cargonja, a junior, was able to create a series of blocks for the team throughout the game.

During the second set, the Mustangs attempted to come back as they came back with full effort. Throughout the set, the two teams were neck and neck as the Scots made a few mistakes such as failed serves and hitting the net.

Kazmin Haider, a junior, said, “I think as a team we need to become more confident and when we did lose points most of them were our mistakes. I think if we tighten up we will look really good as a team.”

The Scots won the second set 25-22.

Finally, the Scots kept persisting and won the final set 25-17. The Scots hits and blocks were unstoppable as Capuchino had difficulty getting the ball over the net.

Alex Jin, a senior, said, “As a team, I think we can become more confident if we continue to work hard in practice and on the court. We are going to keep working on our weaknesses like communication and just get better.”


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