With scientific advancements, death is no longer an end

Science now brings people the opportunity to become one with nature and music after death.


Leea Ivanel

For some, passing on means nothing more than an end. For others, it just means a new beginning.

Leea Ivanel, Staff Writer

Many humans fear the day of their passing. After all, the uncertainty of what will happen after death can be a daunting truth to face.

But what if there was no reason to be afraid?

What if death did not have to mean the end of one’s life, but rather the beginning of another?

As it turns out, that is exactly what it means to some in 2016, as science has made it possible for people to be “reborn.”

One way people have achieved their dreams is through the Californian company Bios.

In 2014, the company set out with the goal of creating “life after life” for those who desired it. The company said, “Death is nothing but a word. A construction of the human mind. The only thing real, is life.”

Bios has since worked to show that death doesn’t have to be the end through the creation of its 100 percent biodegradable urns. These urns take the ashes of people and, combined with the proper growth medium for a tree, create the perfect conditions for the “rebirth of a person” through the birth a seed.

According to Bios, Susan Deagon was one of the first people to purchase the Bios urn. Deagon said, “It seemed like such a beautiful idea — instead of putting your ashes on a mantel you can actually create something that you could look at and remember your loved ones by.”

However, if one does not wish to be “reborn” as a tree, they have other options.

A company called And Vinyly, founded by Jason Leach, is responsible for making the dreams of some music-loving individuals come true. For the price of $3,500, the company takes the ashes of people and transforms them into a vinyl containing 24 minutes of audio.

This means that one could literally become his favorite song if he so desired; someone could become one and the same with one of the things he loved the most.

With new companies like And Vinyly and Bios, people can become something that will last for generations and generations to come, something as beautiful and unique as they once were in life.

With the science of today, death no longer has to be an end.

Death is just a new beginning.