6 fun things to do at sleepovers

Two boys telling stories in a fort.

Bailey Fox

Two boys telling stories in a fort.

Getting your closest friends together, staying up late, and eating as much junk food as you can; all are things are already associated with fun in sleepovers. But for anyone who wants to take sleepovers to a whole new level, these six fun things are a great starting point.

Movie Marathon

Give everyone at the sleepover a piece of paper and have them write down all the movies that they want to watch. Then have them rip off each name into tiny pieces of paper but make sure that the names are still be readable. Put all the bits of paper in a hat or bowl and have one person close their eyes and pick a movie. After watching the first one pick another movie out of the container and repeat the process until you finish all the movies or you decide you want to stop.

Tell scary stories

Telling scary stories is another long-lasting sleepover tradition. Telling those scary urban legends or just something you made up (just make sure the lights are off and the flashlights are on). Pass the flashlight to someone who wants to start the story, then. pass it to the next person who can add to the creepy narrative, or make a whole new one.

Making a fort 

And you know what goes great with scary stories? A pillow fort! Have your friends grab the blankets and the pillows. Build yourselves a fort and set up snack games. Then have a fun night of storytelling and conversation in the fort.

Dessert cooking competition

Gather all your friends in the kitchen and decide on roles. Have a few people be judges for the competition and have the rest be bakers. Pull out all the candy or snacks you have in an easy place to get. Give everyone a spot in the kitchen and decide on a theme. Set a time limit and then let them create the candy creations. When they are done have the judge(s) try all the creations and decide on a winner.

Doing a spa

Do a spa that leaves behind the harsh chemicals and poorly made commercial skincare treatments. Instead, have everyone make their own masks by adding what you have in your house. Make sure you get the cucumber slices to cover their eyes!

Blindfolded drawing

Grab paper and pens. On little bits of paper write different things that people will have to draw. Once you have everything down grab a blindfold or something to put over the illustrator’s eyes. Have them pull out a piece of paper but don’t let them show anyone. Have them put the blindfold on and start a timer. After time runs out, have them take off the blindfold and let everyone try to guess what they drew.