Athlete Profile: Matthew AbiEzzi dominates for Carlmont all year round


Gary Nakayama

Senior Matthew AbiEzzi runs with the football in a home game versus Hillsdale High School.

While many students spend their Fridays relaxing after a week of school, hanging out with friends, or catching up on homework, Fridays are gamedays for Matthew AbiEzzi.

AbiEzzi, a three-sport athlete, has spent his past three-and-a-half years at Carlmont playing football, basketball, and track and field, though this spring he is looking to represent Carlmont on the boys varsity volleyball team.

Standing at 6-foot-3 and weighing 185 pounds, AbiEzzi is a very well-rounded athlete, but he contributes more to his teams than just his exceptional size and athleticism.

“Matt has always had a level of maturity, ever since freshman year, but what really stands out is his well-roundedness,” said Ron Ozorio, Carlmont’s boys varsity basketball coach. “When it comes to the balance he keeps between his family, schoolwork, athletics, and his other interests, he really has what all students should really shoot for.”

Among those other interests that AbiEzzi has outside of athletics is playing the piano.

“I have been learning and playing the piano for over 11 years, and I also listen to classical piano music before games to clear my mind and help me focus,” AbiEzzi said.

In addition to being looked at very fondly by coaches, teammates also look up to AbiEzzi, both figuratively and literally.

“I definitely considered Matt a leader on the football team this year,” said John Hanna, a senior on the football team. “He’s very mature but also very funny, and sometimes after a tough game he is exactly the kind of person you want on your team.”

AbiEzzi has played his last football game for Carlmont and is currently dealing with an ankle injury, but the injury does not limit the impact that he can have on the basketball team while he is unable to play.

“All of the seniors, but especially Matt, recognize that it is their time to be the leaders, and with Matt not able to play right now, that is really a role that we want him to step into. Being a coach and a teacher is his full-time job right now and until he is ready to get back on the court,” Ozorio said.

Looking forward, AbiEzzi can be seen at basketball games wearing his signature number 23, as he anticipates a strong showing from Carlmont basketball this season.