Boys varsity soccer comes out on top


Boys varsity soccer beats Woodside 2-1 on Jan.14.

Loud cheers on the bleachers, quiet players on the field.

Clapping and shouting came from the bleachers as the boys varsity team came out triumphant over the Woodside Wildcats on Wednesday, Jan. 14. However, the team lacked communication, preventing them from playing to the best of their ability.

The first half consisted of multiple goal attempts and a tight defense from both teams, resulting in a scoreless game by halftime.

Junior forward John Bran said, “Our communication and passes were lacking, and our positioning wasn’t very good. We got better during the second half.”

By the second half, it became evident that the team was determined to fight and improve their communication.

Junior forward Foster Kupbens kicked off the second half with a goal, leading his team 1-0. “We got louder in the second half. Scoring the first goal was nice,” said Kupbens.

Fighting back, the Wildcats scored six minutes into the second half, tying the game 1-1. The majority of the second half was a back and forth battle between defenses. With time running out, the pressure became intense. Less than 10 minutes left in the game, Bran assisted his team with the winning goal, leading them into their second win of the season.

Bran said, “It was an amazing feeling to score the winning goal. It felt good when everyone ran to me, and when I heard people cheering me on. Knowing that I was the reason [we won] the game felt great.”

Despite their victory over the Wildcats, many players on the team felt they had a lot to improve on.

Senior forward Parsa Padidar said, “We usually play much better, and even though we got the win, we didn’t really connect as a team. The communication was horrible tonight, and we really didn’t talk to each other like we’re told to. We were way too quiet.”

Bran said, “We have a lot to improve on. We have to continue to work hard, play hard, and practice hard.”

With hopes to improve their communication and come out with another win, the boys varsity team will play their next game in Half Moon Bay on Jan. 16 at 4 p.m.