High winds and heavy downpour hit the Bay Area


Sarah Tocatlian

Heavy rainfall and slippery roads make it important that people drive safely and remain alert.

Sarah Tocatlian , Staff Writer

In the past couple of weeks, heavy rain and strong winds have drenched the Bay Area.

According to The San Francisco Examiner, a weather system producing heavy rain and gusty winds came into the area on Wednesday, Jan. 18, followed by a second storm Thursday night into Friday.

National Weather Service meteorologist Steve Anderson expects that one to three inches of rain will hit the region. Anderson predicts that the heaviest showers will be in the North Bay.

The week of stormy weather and the consistency of the rainfall has surprised many.

“I think that this is the most rain that I have ever seen around here before, especially continuous downpour like what we are experiencing at the moment. It feels like we are getting all of the rain that we have been missing out on these past few years because of the drought,” said Sehar Masud, a junior.

According to the San Carlos Patch high winds from 40 to 50 mph came in on Wednesday increasing the threat of trees collapsing and power lines going down.

These hazards are troubling for people who are regularly on the road.

“When I first got my license it was in the summer, and I never had to take into account how the rain would affect my ability to drive safely. With all of the rain lately, I have to pay more attention to every small detail when I’m on the road,” said Julia Walsh, a junior.

According to the Patch, this weather also brings the possibility of a high surf warning from Friday continuing all the way through Saturday.

Despite the dreary weather, high winds, and flood warnings, many are happy that California is finally getting the rain it needs.

“The rain has been hitting hard lately, which isn’t the most pleasant, but we have needed rain like this for a while,” said Walsh.