Hillbarn Conservatory Theatre presents ‘The Boy Friend’


Ashlyn Wong

Hillbarn Conservatory Theatre staged Sandy Wilson’s “The Boy Friend,” starring some of Carlmont’s students.

Ashlyn Wong, Staff Writer

In addition to Carlmont’s recent production of “Anything Goes,” many students are actively involved in other theatrical opportunities. From March 31 to April 2, Hillbarn Conservatory Theatre showcased the musical, “The Boy Friend.”

I absolutely loved being in ‘The Boy Friend,’ and I’m so lucky to have been a part of a show with such an amazing cast, crew, and artistic staff,” said freshman Katie Mannion.

“The Boy Friend” is a romantic musical comedy set in the 1920s written, composed, and lyricized by Sandy Wilson.

Mannion portrayed the role of Polly Browne, the lead female. Also in the cast was freshman Eva Espinosa as Hortense and sophomore Kinjal Vyas as Nancy.

My favorite part of the experience was becoming close to the entire cast of the show. They’re all such talented performers, and I was incredibly lucky to learn from them. I’m most proud of how much we all grew and improved over the course of the show. I know that I am a much better and well-rounded performer because of it.”

— Katie Mannion

The Hillbarn Theatre Conservatory program is specialized for youth in the community. According to the Hillbarn Theatre website, their main goal and purpose are “to create theatre with the community, for the community, striving always for excellence in production and education.”

This particular production of “The Boy Friend” was under the direction of Stephanie Maysonave, who also directs the musicals at Carlmont.

Maysonave said, “I love directing youth theater. I cherish the moments where the teenagers disappear on stage, and suddenly, they transform into these wonderful characters. This show was incredibly rewarding. I am so proud of the characters that these kids created. They were so fun to watch!”

The feeling of pride after the show would not have been possible without all the hard work put into it. Whether on stage or behind the scenes, people worked long hours to stage such a musical.

As an actress in this production, Vyas said, “A lot of effort went into producing the show due to the very small cast size and the fact that rehearsals were only twice a week and there were only three days of tech. Much of the effort had to be put in outside of rehearsals.”

In the end, working through the challenges resulted in a fulfilling and enjoyable show to the cast and crew. Not only was it fun for the performers, but also entertaining for the audience.

“I loved the time period of the musical, the scenery and music style were really interesting. It was full of great singing and dancing, and it transported me to a different world. After seeing the show, it was great to see my friends that were performing in it and congratulate them,” said sophomore Becky Kosovsky.

Maysonave said, “I was very happy with our production, but for me, it’s not all about the final product. I really value the process. Our cast and crew were incredibly hard working and humble. We created a respectful but fun work environment, and I think everyone truly enjoyed their experience. For me, that’s the most important part!”