Ralston Middle School presents ‘Peter Pan Jr.’


Richa Kapoor

From April 28 through April 30, Ralston Middle School performed the musical “Peter Pan Jr.”

Ashlyn Wong, Staff Writer

The classic story of Peter Pan is loved and celebrated by children, teens, and adults alike.

This past weekend, from April 28 through April 30, Ralston Middle School alongside San Carlos Children’s Theater presented the musical “Peter Pan Jr.,” which took place at the McKinley School Auditorium in Redwood City.

The production was an opportunity for the Belmont, Redwood Shores, and San Carlos communities to gather together to appreciate the art of theater and talent of the young actors.

“We are honored and feel a great privilege to be able to share stories with audiences because first and foremost we are storytellers, and we cherish and respect the ability to do that. We also love the ability to move the audience, make them laugh, cry, think, or feel,” said Eron Block, executive artistic director of San Carlos Children’s Theater and director of Ralston’s “Peter Pan Jr.”

One of my favorite parts is sharing my love and passion for the performing arts and storytelling with the cast and audiences. I also really cherish the rehearsal process where we get the chance as a team to explore and create in a supportive and safe environment. I am most proud of all the life skills all the actors gained from working on this production.”

— Eron Block

The production featured 47 middle schoolers from Ralston Middle School who played fairies, pirates, lost boys, mermaids, Indians, and the Darling family.

Eighth-grader Taylor Snow who played John Darling said, “I would describe the experience as being a great bonding experience with people that I already knew and didn’t know. It was also really great learning new acting skills. My favorite part was all the people you meet and becoming a family. My least favorite part was having to let go and I will miss all the time we spent together.”

Snow, along with many others, will be graduating from Ralston this year and attending Carlmont next year, where they hope to get involved in the theater program there. Many were inspired to continue participating in theater programs and opportunities.

“I learned more about singing and dancing, and things like quick thinking and teamwork skills. It helped me learn valuable skills that help me at school and in everyday life. I will definitely continue to participate in theater opportunities,” said seventh-grader Maya Kornyeyeva. She portrayed a mermaid alongside seventh-grader Payton Zolck.

It is a really fun experience that I would definitely recommend it. I got to learn new things about theater and have fun with the fellow actors. I will miss the excitement and fun. It was a really magical experience,” said Zolck.

Students from Carlmont were also involved in producing this musical. Freshmen Colin Welter and Reign Miller were junior assistant directors, attending all the rehearsals and helping the Ralston students with their acting, singing, and dancing techniques.

“I enjoyed working with the energetic, young children and getting to know them, and I’m proud of the characters they’ve developed during the run of rehearsals. The show went well, we had sold out crowds and great reviews. I thought it was excellent. It took an army with lots of effort to create,” said Welter.

Though many who were involved in this showing of “Peter Pan Jr.” were sad about its ending, they will treasure the experiences they had while working on the show.