Scots lose final battle against Vikings


Jessica Conley

Peyton Ting takes a shot on the goal off of a foul.

Carlmont’s boys varsity water polo ended the 2021 season, losing 12-9 against Mills High School. Two days prior, the Scots had beat Mills 13-8.

The Scots, unable to get many scoring opportunities due to a plethora of offensives being called against them, were not able to get a goal until senior Lucas Calenda, scored a 5-meter penalty shot early in the first quarter.

At the beginning of the second quarter, Carlmont’s first possession was turned over by yet another offensive call. Throughout the match, the referees called a noticeably large amount of fouls.

“This was my last game, and by the beginning of the second quarter, I got kicked out. Number 11 from the other team also got three ejections before the half,” said Owen Finigan, a Carlmont senior.

More problems arose at the beginning of the third quarter when both teams had possessions, and the clock was not running. This lack of experience at the desk caused the game to be extended for an extra 30 minutes and prompted frustration from the referees and players.

“They could not have won without all the kickouts they had. Literally, three of our starters fouled out in the first half. If we had a different referee, there’s no way we would have lost,” said Gavin McMichael, a Carlmont senior.

Players and spectators were visibly annoyed, with audible shouts coming from the pool and the stands. The referees, irritated, yelled back at the players and at the parents at the desk.

However, the game had to continue as senior Michael Father blocked a penalty shot, keeping the score at 6-5, while the referee continued to blow his whistles and yell at the desk.

Nearing the end of the third quarter, junior Peyton Ting swam out of the pool, clutching his head with his third ejection and a concussion. Players noticed that it seemed as though the referees were calling more towards the Scots.

“I think the refs were biased towards Mills because one of our players got concussed, and Dylan got obviously punched in the face after the play. Everyone saw it, and the refs did nothing,” McMichael said.

Carlmont had 15 ejections at this point, while Mills only had five. With a minute left into the third quarter, senior Lucas Calenda received his third ejection. This left the Scots to play the fourth quarter with both captains ejected, three starting players out, and one with a possible concussion losing 9-5.

“He’s power tripping, he’s kicking out all of our best players, and it’s so stupid,” Finigan said from the bench.

Derrick Chan, a Carlmont senior, received his second ejection while the Vikings scored another goal, making the once-close game 10-5.

It was evident that both teams felt the referees were acting out of line.

“This is ridiculous; I couldn’t play,” said Danny Inocencio, a captain and senior at Mills, after getting kicked out before halftime.

Going into the fourth quarter, Coach Gifford Calenda spoke to the remaining players and said, “Don’t hurt anyone; we can all see what’s happening. Finish the game strong, we know we had a great season.”

Despite the game not going the way they expected, players still kept their heads up high and celebrated the season.

“This game sucked, but we had a fun year,” said Brendan Zelnis, a sophomore at Carlmont.