Carlmont dedicates a week to promoting gender equality

Andrea Butler, Staff Writer

Gender equality is a goal that is being worked toward on a daily basis worldwide. Here at Carlmont, Gender Equality Week is a week where students can appreciate the rights they have and support others who might not have the same rights.

“It’s important to ensure that gender equality is recognized and celebrated as it is important to treat everyone fairly and equally,” freshman Mihai Tudor said.

The existence of a Gender Equality Week is important to many people in various ways because the entire school bands together and shows support for one another.

“Especially nowadays with our politicians and government, it’s important to be reminded that a large percentage of people around us feel that same way we do and that we’re all united in our goals,” Ayan Dixit, a sophomore and one of the organizers of the event, said.

Having a Gender Equality Week in the first place might seem fruitless, but for those who struggle finding acceptance for who they are, it could mean a lot.

“It speaks out to those who struggle with defining their gender the most. It helps create a more comfortable atmosphere for those who find themselves different and out of place,” sophomore Shiina Sugioka said.

International Women’s Day also happens to fall during the week. This brought another level of importance to it, as women across the world are generally considered unequal to men.

“It most likely speaks out to women and people on the [LGBTQ+] spectrum especially, as they are the ones who normally encounter difficulties based on gender,” Tudor said.

Gender Equality Week also spreads values throughout the school, such as the idea that equality should be a priority no matter where you are, what you do, or who you are.

“Everyone deserves equal treatment no matter their gender, so spreading this ideology can help inspire others to do so [for others],” Sugioka said.

Throughout the week, there have been several activities that one can participate in to show their support for gender equality. These include decorating cupcakes with all the profits going toward achieving gender equality, writing one’s name on a ribbon to show support, and many informational posters hung around.

“Because Gender Equality Week is one of the biggest projects for my section of ASB, we started working on it at the beginning of February so that we could create good activities,” Dixit said. “We started the actual creation of the activities last week; for example, I did the balloons.”

Students hope that the effects of this week will have a lasting impact throughout the school year.

Tudor said, “Gender Equality Week is important simply so people do not forget that everyone deserves to be treated fairly and that there is no reason to treat others badly based on their gender.”