The Snowman Project aims to help families in need celebrate the holidays


Natalie Doud

Sasha Belov, a freshman, works on a poster for the Snowman Project.

Natalie Doud, Editor-in-Chief

From Dec. 10 to Dec. 14, students can use their holiday spending money to give extra support to less fortunate families in the community during the holiday season.

The Snowman Project is an annual fundraiser held during the holiday season, and this year the project will become school-wide.

The donations will be collected throughout the week and given to families in need in the Carlmont community. The contributions will give those families a chance to have a more joyful holiday season.

“People can bring gift cards or money to the student store or in the quad this upcoming week during activities. Another thing we will be doing is walking around during lunch to collect any donations,” said Maya Blodgett, a freshman and one of the students that volunteered to help out with the project.

Griffin Soelberg, a junior, is the main organizer of the Snowman Project this year and wants to get students more involved in the process. Soelberg plans to create a fundraiser that anyone can participate and take part in.

In the previous gift card drives, students did not take part in the fundraiser, as the staff at Carlmont primarily made the contributions.

“In the previous years it’s all been Carlmont staff helping out, but this year we’re expanding it so the whole Carlmont community can help out and to give the students an opportunity to help out,” Soelberg said.

ASB wants to make the fundraiser schoolwide, with the objective of having as many donations as possible. The more students they can involve, the more support they will receive.

In order to incorporate as many people as possible, students were being recruited last week to help publicize the fundraiser. The volunteers will be creating posters and graphics to spread the word about the Snowman Project.

“We want to support as many families as we can, so the more money we can raise, the more families we can help,” said Sasha Belov, a freshman and one of the students that are helping organize the fundraiser.

The Snowman Project has a set goal of $600 total in donations, but estimate they will receive around $700 to $800 of gift cards and money.

Along with the objective of collecting contributions, allowing everyone at Carlmont to both give back and have stress free holidays will be the most rewarding outcome.

“Our ultimate goal is to make sure that everyone at Carlmont has the opportunity to celebrate the holidays,” Soelberg said.