Cartoon: AI robot Ai-Da says AI is a threat

Created by Aidan Meller, the artificial intelligence (A.I.) robot Ai-Da was the first robot to speak before the British Parliament House of Lords, as she gave evidence on the impact of technology on the creative industries. Ai-Da was developed in 2019 by the Cornish robotics Company Engineered Arts and A.I. researchers at Oxford and Birmingham universities. She was made to explore the artistic potential of artificial intelligence and Ai-Da’s most well-known art includes a portrait of Queen Elizabeth for her Platinum Jubilee. In her October 10th speech, Ai-Da had to be reset and wore sunglasses during the process as “when we reset her, she can sometimes pull quite interesting faces,” said Meller. In her speech, Ai-Da also mentioned that A.I. can be a “threat and opportunity” to artists. Emma Yin