SheWorks Ep. 2: Behind the shadows

Welcome to the second episode of SheWorks!

SheWorks discusses societal biases and sexism within the workplace. Each episode features an interview with either a female entrepreneur or a female in a male-dominated industry who talks through the specific experiences they have had. Those experiences are used to form further conversations around female empowerment.

Today host Amber Toor will be discussing the aspirations of companies supporting women in tech and how society can develop a “stem – mindset” in girls from a young age. She will be joined by Valerie Balcom, a senior software engineer at Netflix, who explores her experience with technology growing up and how having a role model impacted her sense career goals.

Balcom also shares advice for young girls interested in STEM. Together, Toor and Balcom dive into the psychological impacts and stigmas behind society idolizing boys as being “better at math and science” and how this stigma ultimately affects the gender gap within tech. They finish with sharing some hopes for the future and closing thoughts on how society can develop as a whole to better support the need for a female balance in the workplace.

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