Scot Scoop Unsolved S2 Ep. 1: The Doodler

San Francisco in the 1970s was a very dangerous place. In the same few months in 1970, there were three murderers at large: The Zodiac, The Zebra Killer, and The Doodler. In this short podcast series, hosts Nyah Simpson and Malina Wong will focus on The Doodler, who got little media attention in comparison to the others mainly because they killed men who were members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Kevin Fagan is a journalist for the San Francisco Chronicle who has written many articles about famous killers across the nation. Fagan has a podcast on The Doodler where he does a deep dive into the case almost 50 years later to try and crack it.


Where to find himĀ 

With junior Nicole Borshchenko, Simpson and Wong discuss the case and draw conclusions in an attempt understand why these murders took place.