Scots declaw Panthers to become league champions


Daniella Smit

Sophomore Mia Hariri-Turner tips the ball over the net to give the Scots the point.

The JV girls volleyball team wrapped up their final home game of the season on Oct. 20 by securing a 2-0 victory against the Burlingame Panthers. 

The Scots easily won in two sets, 25-9 and 25-16.

The team has built a fantastic bond with each other throughout the season and is disappointed to see it end.

“I’m bummed that we can’t keep playing because of how the team matches together, how it bonds together, and how the athletes can play without even talking,” said head coach Sergio Smirnomff.

With 12 victories under their belt, the Scots are on top as league champions. Although there is still one more game to go, the Scots have already claimed the league’s championship because of their dominating lead. 


Knowing the Scots’ winning record, the Panthers came ready to work and give it their all. 

“Carlmont is number one in the league; they’re a tall team, so it’s a bit intimidating,” said sophomore Vanessa Meints, a member of the Panthers’ team

Teamwork is one of the main things that allowed the Scots to get their rhythm down. 

“I think that over time the team has meshed together very well, and we play together very well,” said sophomore Annika Snow. “There’s a lot of talent on the court; it’s important to put that talent together and play as a team.”

The team has been on a long and rewarding journey since the first week of school. 

“It’s all about starting strong and making sure we don’t lose the first set. The second set is making sure we keep it short and consistent,” said junior Petra Chow. “There are some things we won’t miss, but we’ll miss playing together. We’re happy to end on a good note.” 

In the crowd, the parents showed nothing but support, helping the Scots be as successful as they were. 

Compared to last season’s 60% win rate, the team has earned a record so far of 12-1, meaning they have a 92% win rate. Much of the team, including the coach, attributes this year’s success to how well the team works together. 

There are many high hopes for the team’s future. But, for now, the team is reveling in the success of this season.

“We are officially champions today,” said sophomore Calico Przybyszewski.