Girls basketball jumps back into action


Enzo Carvalho

Girls basketball returns to the courts as they follow the new COVID-19 regulations.

The girls basketball program is practicing again as the upcoming season approaches. Much has changed for girls basketball since the fall of 2020, when the first effects of social distancing took their toll on the team. Players and coaches now have a little more freedom when meeting to work on skills, conditioning, team chemistry, and plays.

Because of the recent change in COVID-19 regulations, practices can now be both outdoor and indoor. Despite the adversity that the players have faced so far, they continue to push on and prepare for the modified season.

“It has been tough for everybody. [The girls basketball program] has done a good job sticking together, building a bond, staying positive, and practicing hard,” said Dan Mori, coach of the Carlmont varsity girls basketball team. “That is going to bode well for us. Learning how to be flexible has been important, and it has given us the ability to overcome obstacles.”

Nevertheless, the players and coaches have not yet overcome all of the hurdles in their way. There are still some regulations that the basketball program has to follow during practices. 

“For our indoor practices, which started on March 29, we have to wear masks, sign in beforehand, and we cannot scrimmage or do drills with lots of contact,” said Arianna Delrooz, a sophomore. “For outdoor practices, we only have to wear masks.”

Despite everything, players remain hopeful and grateful for the coming season. It gives them a taste of normalcy. 

“I am just glad we are finally getting in the gym and being able to play games. It has been very organized so far thanks to our coach getting people together for practice a couple of times a week,” Delrooz said.

For the seniors this year, being able to play one final season, even if it will be different from previous years, is excellent news. 

“Originally, no one thought basketball would happen this year, and when it did, I was excited to play my senior year,” said Valerie Kuo, senior. “While it is different playing outdoors and with a mask on, it is still nice to be with my teammates to just play.”

“The five D’s are traits that every sports player should have. They allow players to adapt and overcome obstacles,” Mori said. (Enzo Carvalho)

As the seniors get ready to pass on the torch to the juniors and move on, Mori uses this year’s situation as an opportunity to give all of the players something they will be able to use throughout their life. 

“This year, our team theme is D-up,” Mori said. “D-up connects to both an aspect of the game itself, but also an aspect important in life. It means that the focus will be on defense during the season, but it also relates to what I call the five D’s: dedication, discipline, determination, drive, and desire.”

With this team theme in mind, Mori believes that the players will be ready to take on the regular season.

“I am glad to see that the players are going to have a season. Our players have been working very hard during these difficult times, and I am proud of them for their commitment and enthusiasm this year. I cannot wait to see them back in action,” Mori said.