Staff Profile: Anna LeCuyer strives to make new connections with her students


Anna Mihalchuk

LeCuyer uses the smartboard as a visual aid to help students solve proportions.

Anna LeCuyer is a geometry teacher at Carlmont High School, working to inspire students to love a subject that is usually daunting to most.

She is passionate about math and hopes to spread this passion to her students by trying interactive teaching methods and making new connections with younger generations.

Throughout her high school years, LeCuyer was a straight-A student. She worked hard in and outside of school. She was a member of the school newspaper and the National Honor Society.

While in high school, she also participated in cross-country, where she found a passion for running. That passion continues forth to today where LeCuyer now belongs to a running group called She RUNS This Town.

Her high school Spanish teacher advised her not to be a teacher. She initially took her advice and decided that she would pursue other careers when she started college.

LeCuyer received her undergraduate degree in psychology at Princeton. She proceeded to get her master’s in science and fashion.

She, like many others, had struggled with the transition from high school to college.

“I failed a few classes. It was mostly a culture shock,” LeCuyer said.

After receiving her degrees, LeCuyer decided to pursue a different career, one in teaching.

She received her teaching credentials at Notre Dame de Namur University in Belmont, California. After she receiving her credentials, she started substitute teaching at Terra Linda Middle School in San Carlos.

She then began substituting for high schools in the Bay Area. She taught at Woodside and Sequoia until finally deciding to choose Carlmont.

LeCuyer uses new interactive teaching methods to engage her students. She uses whiteboards as a tool for her students to interact and work out different math problems. She also uses visual examples to aid students with complicated geometry problems.

Her students appreciate her approach and enjoy her class.

“Mrs. LeCuyer is awesome. I have so much fun in her class,” said Lucas Hecht, a sophomore.

LeCuyer brings positivity to the classroom and allows students to work together to solve complicated problems.

I think teaching math is a lot of fun, and it’s great to be here at Carlmont, where students are engaged in learning.”

— Anna LeCuyer

LeCuyer has left a lasting impression on her students and the Carlmont community, whether it was through innovative teaching strategies, contagious excitement for math, or an in-depth understanding of the difficulties high schoolers encounter.

As for the future of the math department, LeCuyer plans for a new approach.

“I hope that lessons will be very student-centered,” LeCuyer said. “I want students to be discovering math on their own.”