Scot Scoop Explains: Credit/no credit system


Veronica Roseborough

While students usually receive letter grades on their report cards, this semester they either receive credit or no credit for each course.

On April 15, the Sequoia Union High School District (SUHSD) Board of Trustees made the emergency decision to move to a credit/no credit system that will be applied to the entire Spring semester of 2020.

This credit/no credit system defines a passing grade as a D- or above regardless of whether the course is AP, honors, or college prep. Colleges have announced that a pass will meet the A-G requirements this spring semester.

GPAs are calculated on a semester system, so although quarter three officially ended on April 10, the letter grades received will not be calculated into GPAs. The credit/no credit system will have no impact on GPAs, which will fundamentally be frozen until school returns to normal.

The credit/no credit system will not impact the number of credits received for each course assuming the student passes. For example, passing six classes will still result in gaining all 30 credits. Credits will still also be given to clerks and technical assistants.

Additionally, students who are failing a class can immediately begin recovering credits through Cyber High rather than waiting until the end of the semester.