Sundays are for Brunch Ep. 3: A Met Gala attendee, a farmer, and Adam Sandler walk into a podcast…

Carolina, Andrew, and Lindsay share their thoughts on personal style: the journey, the self-care, and the horrible mishaps. They give advice on how to be confident and be yourself while sharing the way they represent themselves through a wide variety of style options. The journey wasn’t always great – Justice, skinny jeans, and neon were highly featured in middle school – but they now have the confidence to be themselves, although the shopping is still a horrifying hot mess.

They also share how style helped Carolina break (some of) her senioritis through fun spirit days – we’re sorry Hudson Fox, but your look is iconic! Plus, there was “Dress as Your Type” Day, where Andrew’s narcissism was revealed – I’m sorry Andrew Tolu, but the story is too funny!

We may have ended Spirit Days, but we invite you to pick them up where we left off, right after you hear all about them on this podcast episode!