Our Footprint: The full series

Whether it be through sinking land, statewide forest fires, or a pandemic, climate change is constantly affecting the Earth. Recap all seven episodes of Our Footprint here to see how to get involved in the climate crisis.

It’s easy to brush off the urgency of global issues when they only seem like foreign threats. Sure, the ice caps in Antarctica are melting, but most of us will never experience that in our daily lives. The truth is, climate change comes in multiple forms – some more subtle than others, and we’re all reeling from its effects. In this episode, we’re going to take a closer look at how climate change is affecting our own communities in the Bay Area and see how the ecosystems we’re living in are changing right before our eyes.

Guest Speakers: Roland Bürgmann, Anna Lopez-Carr

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In this episode, host  Kaylene Lin talks with guest speaker Arjun Hausner about the harmful effects of agriculture and food overproduction. Together, they take a closer look at how everyone can limit the impact of climate change by living a more sustainable lifestyle.

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Fast fashion is the world’s second-largest polluter. Every year, hundreds of thousands of clothes are thrown in landfills to be decomposed into waste. But, just as fast as fashion trends come and go, nonrenewable resources are also being drained. The importance of consumer awareness seems more evident than ever as large corporations continue to use unsustainable practices, and the time for consumers to act is now.

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“A bird that has been oiled, coming into care at the right time, can be fully washed and rehabilitated and released and live a very happy life.”

At International Bird Rescue (IBR), a company based in California, they believe that humans don’t have to be the main polluter of marine ecosystems. In this episode, host Kaylene Lin talks with JD Bergeron, the executive director of IBR, about how we can change the narrative and work to relieve the negative impacts of oil spills and plastic instead.

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Aneesha Rompally, Purva Bommireddy, and Iris Duquesne are all youth climate activists that have devoted themselves to make our planet a more sustainable home. This crossover episode between Oddballs and Our Footprint spotlights each of their stories as young, impactful individuals and encourages listeners to get involved in the climate crisis by voting in the upcoming election.

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After centuries of unsustainable industrialization, a tech company whose mission is to fight climate change seems almost too good to be true. But Ecosia, an innovative, new search engine that plants trees has completely reinvented that ideology. Join host Kaylene Lin and guest speaker, Ruby Au, as they discuss the impacts of industrialization on the environment and the future for tech companies.

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After six episodes of exploring the climate crisis and the many avenues for change, the largest takeaway is that anyone can get involved. So in the series’s finale of Our Footprint, host Kaylene Lin talks to Mission Marine and DIY Earthcycle, two Carlmont clubs dedicated to creating change on campus and making a difference.

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