Complex Mindz Season 3 Ep. 2: Mental health in education

In our second episode of season three, hosts Catherine Eikelbarner and Lucy Lopshire discuss how supporting mental health in education is an important concept that needs closer attention in the climate of an equitable learning environment. The guest in this episode, Carlmont senior Anna Bautina, also allowed the usage of their name to be included.

Bautina shares with Lopshire and Eikelbarner the support they received from adult figures in high school and how to provide more valuable resources for those struggling. The hosts share some of their own experiences and ideas about how the display of mental health in school environments can be more positive within the lens of the education system and how to address the current mental health crisis.

If any listeners have suggestions on what our next couple of episodes should discuss, feel free to email us always @[email protected]. We hope you enjoyed the discussion of this episode, and see you soon!