Growing Pains Ep. 3: Competitive Sports and Anxiety Ft. Kacy Wang

Sky has been a competitive swimmer for over a decade. Now, during her sophomore year of high school, she’s had time to think about how the sport has affected her, the good and the bad. As someone who struggles with her own mental health, she knows firsthand the additional pressure and stress athletes feel and how damaging it can be.

Studies have proven that child athletes are predisposed to social isolation, poor academic performance, increased anxiety, more significant stress, inadequate sleep, decreased family time, and burnout. Sky has brought in sophomore Kacy Wang to share her own experiences with the side effects of being an athlete and how that has affected her today.

Sky and Kacy have both been competitive swimmers and share more than a few experiences, positive and negative. Listen to them talk about the importance and impact coaches have on an athlete’s experience, toxic teams, panic attacks, quitting your sport, and how to deal with it all.