Season 3: Ep. 1: Mental Health in Music

Hello, and welcome to the first episode of our final season! Your hosts, Lucy Lopshire and Catherine Eikelbarner, in this episode, discuss the portrayals of mental health in art, specifically music.

Although the guests of Complex Mindz are usually anonymous, today’s episode includes a fellow podcaster, also a part of our Scot Center team, Izaan Masud. Eikelbarner and Lopshire discuss with Masud how music has helped them cope with their mental health struggles and how it contributes to implementing discussions about serious topics. Covered in this episode are specific artists, along with the purpose of musical technicalities to emphasize the importance of music’s ability to make individuals feel understood and heard.

This season will cover a range of topics and vary from episode to episode, so make sure to keep up with us! You can always reach out to us @[email protected] if you have questions or suggestions for Complex Mindz, and thank you for listening; see you soon!