Living with mother Earth Ep. 1: Carlmont’s climate

You turn on the TV, go onto a social media account, or read an article. You see it pop up multiple times throughout your experience, and you have heard talk about it millions of times. Climate Change is not a new topic but, with all this information swirling around, what is true? What is false? And what can I do to help? Some of these questions may have popped into your head.

In this documentary series, Payton Zolck examines various environmental issues and the climate crisis and talk to experts to get the facts and people leading organizations to learn what is being done to combat them, as well as what we can do to help.

In this episode, Zolck will talk to various people on campus involved in environmental science and environmental and climate activism, on why they think it is important for people to learn about this topic. The episode will further highlight some of the environmental problems and solutions on our campus and what you can do to help.

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