Red, White, & True Ep. 5: Not your checked pant Republican

Welcome back to Red, White, & True, a podcast that aims to navigate America’s polarized, partisan politics. In the second episode of a series on liberalism and conservatism in the United States, host Chesney Evert and guest Matt Grocott discuss the impact of Republican politics today.

In the Bay Area specifically, “conservative” has become a bad word. It’s associated with ignorance and apathy despite its legitimate political basis in “laissez-faire” economic policy and American interests.

Do politics determine what kind of person you are? Should they play a role in our relationships? I invite you to question the prejudices we have against people of a different political affiliation.

Grocott, a former mayor and city council member in San Carlos, is currently a columnist for the San Mateo Daily Journal. His most recent piece can be found here.