The Senior Scoop Ep. 8: Senioritis season

Just like that, semester one is done and semester two has begun! For our seniors, this means college decisions and graduation are just around the corner. But that’s not all! Around this time frame, senioritis kicks in and everyone procrastinates on work and finds various activities to fill the newfound time. In this episode of The Senior Scoop, join hosts Ava Richards and Mari Ramirez in an honest conversation about their feelings towards this vastly different spring semester. Talking points include how senioritis affects us, our motivations to get through the year, and advice for taking advantage of the last year of high school.

Music obtained from YouTube’s Audio Library

Enchantée feat. Mr. Stabalina by Slynk

Cocktail Hour by Aaron Kenny

Peacefully – E’s by Jammy Jams

Morpho Diana by Rachel K Collier

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Presto Jazz by Bruno Freitas