Complex Mindz Ep. 6: OSFED

Content Warning: This episode contains topics that may be triggering for some listeners. Welcome back to the sixth and final episode of season 2 of Complex Mindz. Your favorite hosts, Lucy Lopshire and Catherine Eikelbarner discuss Other Specified Feeding or Eating Disorders, also known as OSFED, with today’s guest. 

OSFED encompasses many different traits from other eating disorders, and our guest today shares their experience with this eating disorder and how their behaviors have manifested differently within it. The guest also provides insight as to how eating disorders benefit from a greater focus on the psychological aspects behind them, although physical components can be one form of a predictor, and how one’s inner mentality can bring a significant effect on an eating disorder.

In order to shed more light on the awareness of eating disorders, Complex Mindz created sweatshirts that donate 100% of their proceeds to the National Eating Disorder Association, NEDA, and encourage anyone who wants to purchase one to go ahead and do so, as it for the goal of getting the discussion of eating disorders to become a more centered conversation. As always, please email us @[email protected] if you have any questions, and we will see you guys next season!