Complex Mindz Season 2 Ep. 4: Get to know us

Welcome back to Complex Mindz, and this episode hosts Lucy Lopshire and Catherine Eikelbarner answer some possible questions listeners might have about their podcast, and address why they created the podcast as well.

Complex Mindz was created to shed greater light on mental health and an emphasis on discussing mental disorders, as many are afflicted by them and suffer in silence, as a lot of the time mental health is glazed over. The hosts want listeners to understand what this podcast means to them, and what they hope listeners take away from each episode, as mental health does matter, and impacts us all.

If you ever need someone to reach out to discuss mental disorders and the ones you are dealing with, please feel free to email us @[email protected]. We hope you guys enjoy the topics we discuss, and we cannot wait to see you next episode, thank you!