Complex Mindz Season 2 Ep. 5: Bulimia

Content Warning: This episode contains topics that may be triggering for some listeners. Welcome back to the fifth episode of season 2 of Complex Mindz. With your usual hosts Lucy Lopshire and Catherine Eikelbarner, the hosts’ interview someone who has been diagnosed with bulimia eating disorder and who has mostly recovered from the disorder.

The guest provides some insight as to what bulimia is and how no one should comment on anyone’s body, as it can leave lasting negative impressions on their mind. Hosts Lopshire and Eikelbarner provide their own insight and uplifting advice on how to get a handle on eating disorders, as well as further exemplifying that eating disorders will leave long-lasting impacts on one’s health.

If there are any eating disorders you would like Complex Mindz to cover this season, please email us always @[email protected], and we cannot wait to see you guys next episode!